PhD, MA and Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning

Admission Requirements

  1. Original and latest copy of Official Transcript of Records (OTR) including Certified Copy of Transcript prior to last school/university attended with remarks “For Evaluation Purposes”

  2. Honorable Dismissal or Certificate of Transfer Credentials from the last University/School attended

  3. Original and one (1) photocopy of Birth Certificate from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

  4. Original and one (1) photocopy of Marriage Contract (for married women) from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

  5. Four (4) original copies of recent colored passport size photos with name tag i.e. family name, first name and middle initial. Cut out or scanned photos are not accepted

  6. References (referral from a friend, colleague and relative are NOT acceptable. The reference form should be sent directly to UP SURP by the recommending parties)
     *For Diploma and M.A. applicants - two (2) references
     *For Ph.D. applicants - three (3 ) references
    Note: Hand carried references may be accepted provided it is placed in a sealed envelope with the signature of the referee on its flap

  7. Admission Examination

  8. Official receipt of application fee in the amount stated below paid to the U.P. Cashier’s Office:
  9. P300.00 – Filipino applicants
    P300.00 – Resident foreign applicants
    US$25 – Non-Resident foreign applicants

Reminder: The following must be indicated in your Official Receipt:
SURP Application Fee for Graduate Program
Account No. 9238-884-951-005

  For all FOREIGN APPLICANTS whose native language is not English, except those who come from institutions where the medium of instruction is English, official test score in the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required.

Application Procedure.  To be considered for admission to any of the above-listed courses, one should submit to the SURP Office of Graduate Studies the appropriate application form which has been duly accomplished and signed, along with the Official Receipt (OR) of payment of the application fee made to the UP Cashier, and all other supporting documents/requirements enumerated in the attachment to the application form entitled “Requirements to be Submitted with This Application Form”, by the appropriate application deadlines.
Upon submission of the requirements, the Office of Graduate Studies shall issue to the applicant her examination permit, indicating the time and venue of the qualifying examinations. The information provided in the application form, supporting documents, and results of examination shall be the basis of the School’s consideration of all applications for acceptance.

References.  Except for applicants to the the SPRING (Asia) Programme, all applicants are required to be assessed by references, which they themselves identify, using the form “Reference for Graduate Study”. The duly accomplished and signed forms should be sent directly to the SURP Office of Graduate Studies by the recommending parties, before the appropriate application deadlines.

  Enrollment for the SPRING Program is conducted in October of every year. Interested Filipino applicants should apply directly to SURP before September 30 of every year. Non-Filipinos should forward their applications to: General Admission Requirements to the SPRING-Asia Program

  1. Three sets of the following (one original and two photocopies)
    1. SPRING-Asia Application Form and attachments:
      • a typed Curriculum Vitae including personal data, academic progress and related work experience
      • officially notarized copy of university certificate/diploma
      • university issued official transcript of courses and grades (or notarized copies) including explanation of grades
      • two relevant letters of recommendation (professional and academic)
      • official proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS) or certification of English as medium of instruction in college
      • copy of A-level or high school certificate
      • National Statistics Office (NSO) marriage contract for married women whose TOR reflects their maiden names
    2. DAAD Application Form

  2. Official receipt of application fee in the amount of Three Hundred Pesos (P300.00) paid to the U.P. Cashier’s Office.
Reminder: The following must be indicated in your Official Receipt:
SURP Application Fee for Graduate Program
Account No. 9238-884-951-005